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    Porous EVA Carrier PPC-EVA


    CapatueTM PPC-EVA is the name given to microporous EVA foam for carrier purpose, PPC stands for Porous Polymer Carrier. It is totally utilized the physical foaming technology and process, thus no chemical foaming agents were used and high purity can be achieved. CapatueTM PPC-EVA offers the polymer processing industry an efficient, easy way to convert liquid or paste-like polymer additives especially for some thermally sensitive additives into dry, free-flowing pellets, needless to extrude.


    Microporous structures of CapatueTM PPC-EVA act like tiny sponges with the ability to absorb several times their own weight. When liquids or meltable solids are mixed with the porous polymer, the micron-size voids in the polymer are filled by capillary absorption. As the mixing is done at room temperature, CapatueTM PPC-EVA is especially suitable for thermally sensitive additives. When fully loaded with the liquid additive, the system remains dry and free-flowing. In these applications, the large inner surface of the CapatueTM PPC-EVA, with its accompanying adhesion forces, is utilized in combination with the cell and pore structure of the matrix to retain liquid within the polymer carrier. An additional advantage is the fine dispersion of the additive in the CapatueTM PPC-EVA structure which insures a homogeneous dispersion of the additive in the final product.

    Microporous carrier CapatueTM PPC-EVA can be used for the production of additive concentrates via physical adsorption of the additive. This product is most effective for the incorporation of liquid additives particularly when accurate dosage and homogeneity of the additive with the base resin is required.


    Similar Products:

    Accurel® MP from Membrana GmbH

    Comadd EVA foam from Brugg Kabel AG


    Typical Properties:


    Typical Value

    Test Method


    White pellets


    Adsorbability, PHR


    Internal method

    Bulk Density, Kg/m3


    DIN 53466

    Pellet length, mm



    Pellet width, mm



    VA content, %



    MFI, g/10 min      


    ISO 1133 (190 ℃/2.16Kg)

    Melting Temp, ℃



    The MFI and VA content of it can be selected upon customer’s special request if necessary.


    Additive Loading Procedure:

    Put CapatueTM PPC-EVA pellets into a low or medium speed mixer (Henschel mixer, Littleford Lodige mixer, Patterson Kelly V mixer, Sigma mixer, Vertical mixer, etc.) firstly and then add calculated amount of liquid additive (airless spray is strongly recommended.). Then turn on the mixer about 3-10 min. (need to check the temperature of the mixer, not too high (<70 ℃). After turning off, and cool down to room temperature, discharge the liquid adsorbed foamed pellets.

    For some special application please send email to our technical support team at info@Capatue.com for advice.



    CapatueTM PPC-EVA opens a wide range of applications for thermally sensitive PPC-EVA additives. The reloaded CapatueTM PPC-EVA is dry and free-flowing which makes them particularly suitable for the masterbatch addition technique. With its great help the additive will get a homogeneous dispersion in the final product.

    Organofunctional silanes, maleic anhydride, antioxidants, coupling agents, antimicrobials, fragrances, peroxides, process stabilizers and other performance additives are a few examples of additives that are routinely reloaded into CapatueTM PPC-EVA matrices. Furthermore, agronomy technology (e.g. pesticide/fertilizer distributor) and cosmetic equipment (e.g. perfume/sent distributor) are also the potential application of our products.



    The regular packing of this product is carton with PE liner (200kg net weight and 16 cartons for a 20 ft. container)) and paper bags with PE liner (10kg net weight).


    Storage and Shelf Life:

    Should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated room; keep away from water, moisture, high temperature and fire. Packages already opened should be used up immediately; otherwise this product will react with the moisture in the air and will be not qualified for use.

    This product has a shelf life of at least 5 years from date of manufacture in the original packing.


    Further Information:

    For transport, handling and first aid instructions we refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the CapatueTM PPC-EVA which is available upon request.


    Limited Warranty Information:

    The information contained herein is offered in good faith and is believed to be accurate. However, because conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, this information should not be used in substitution for customer's tests to ensure that Capatue's products are safe, effective, and fully satisfactory for the intended end use.

    Suggestions of use shall not be taken as inducements to infringe any patent.

    Capatue's sole warranty is that the product will meet the Capatue sales specifications in effect at the time of shipment.

    Your exclusive remedy for breach of such warranty is limited to refund of purchase price or replacement of any product shown to be other than as warranted.

    Capatue specifically disclaims any other express or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability.

    Capatue disclaims liability for any incidental or consequential damages.

    Customer must do enough tests before their regular production to ensure that our product is suitable for their specific application.

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